Welcome to my blog, or to this blog again, if you were a reader last year when I was doing this public journaling.  Now that I have this website up and running, (thanks, Amanda!), I plan to post weekly on the progress in my writing and publishing life.  This news will overlap the rest of my life, in the way that my writing always has.

This is publication!  Accessible to anyone who can get online, which is potentially way more people than read any city newspaper. As a kid, I used to read columnists in newspapers, the advice and humor columns.  Erma Bombeck.  In Seattle, a guy named John Hinterberger wrote entertaining little story thinkings in the Sunday Times every week.  Being a story thinker, I thought, “I could do that.”

Seattle Times guest column 1981

Seattle Times guest column 1981

Sure enough, in 1981, I had a guest column published in the Seattle Times. I kept writing novels and living my life.

About half a dozen lifetimes later (several wife-doms, the hippy bus life, the bartender years, college, and my battered women’s counseling career), I landed in my still relevant caregiver life.  I then wrote a series of little stories and advice about caring for my elder darlings, rather witty and useful. I sent them to the local newspaper.  No response from Gannett.  Having studied journalism by then, I wasn’t too surprised. Having great mentors, I knew the score and it was not me being a lousy writer.

But the world has turned, and here is this new medium.  I am intimidated by the “social” part of it.  I like a small world, socially speaking.  I have novels, a memoir, my letters, and reports of various types to write.  Piles of editing lie on my electronic and wooden desks.  No time for chit chat.  Do not tell me about your cat.  Or kid or garden or hobby.  But, please, read on…

Advantages I have over dear Mr. Hinterberger, if he’s alive – the internet seems unsure, although we think it knows all…  he was once thought dead ahead of his time and also he wrote obit stuff so a search has given me puzzled non-answers.  I can’t locate an official Seattle Times obit, so, John H, if you’re out there, I hope you are faring well, with excellent well-appreciated caregivers. Perhaps you are wholly independent; that would be great!  Meanwhile, if you’re not still alive, my advantage is obvious, and I celebrate it with humility and gratitude.

Other advantages: I have this public space where I can court my own readers.  I was going to say that having the internet, the sweet ease of fast research is an advantage, but perhaps not, given this twist!
Disadvantages: No newspaper machinery or colleagues, including the kid who throws the papers onto the porches.   I’ll be working on that.  Listen for the thunk. Tweet?

Next time:  Where I am with my two current novels, the work of self-publishing.

Big thanks to all of you– you know who yous are! –who have been reading the roughage.  You are my heroes.

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