Warning, short blog, break.

Warning, short blog.  Summer break.  Archiving, gardening, cooking, swimming, working.  Changes in work and home life. Driving la Ma/housemate… car hunting and other hedonistic pleasures.  Not writing much, for publishing on any level.  I am reading lots and have thoughts for reviews etc … when I get back to this again. Learning still about ED.  Emily Dickinson not erectile dysfunction!  Most interested in ED and VWoolf and their relationships with their maids… read books on those things lately. (Maid as Muse, Mrs. Woolf and the Servants).  Can’t deal with all the internet complexity lately.  Trying to learn to do more than read on the tablet… (like manage it – it’s a zoo).

Meanwhile, journals and work notes at high tide.  Stepping back from “deadlines.” Adjusting to a more natural pace for myself.  A few fresh precious readers for Rain Shine book, – they are fresh eyes but “old” readers to me, all the more thrilling!  Good visits with people ever since the beginning of June. People, people, and people… so lovely to see so many, all summer long, but I am exhausted of social stuff for now.  I have great muses and supports in all my clients lately.  The ED thing.  Sweet.  Thanks to the few steady readers of this thing.  I’ll come back to it again when I get my archives boxed.  Why does archiving always seem to involve moving roomfuls of heavy furniture?  —atr


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