To my Loyal Blog Readers:

I’m back! Did you miss me?

From February to July 2013, I blogged 9000 careful words, and gradually accumulated a small but anonymous following for these little epistles.  I thank the nine of you who have participated regularly in this stream of my writer life. Oddly, people logged on to read even in Aug and Sept when I posted nothing.  I’ve been in what some might call a “writer’s block,” though it feels more like a traffic jam, crammed with work, family, etc.  Now, I’m clear, making progress again, but honestly wondering, “Why blog?”

The theory is that having a website with a collection of writing (content/“product”) and an audience (however humble) will build a “platform” for the eventual launch of the novels.  It now looks like I might be publishing three of them over the next couple years.  Although, wow, it takes guts to say that! Writing is so blessedly unpredictable, timeline-wise.

Proponents of blogging, and social media in general, compare blogging to going to a party, chit-chatting, making friends, enticing customers, selling.  These are all things I dislike and am not good at in my face-to-face life, so I’m reluctant to spend my precious writing time on them.  I’m going to another probably inspirational blogging class tomorrow, so maybe “I’m back,” hopefully with new tools and more focus.  You’ll be the first to know.


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  1. I can relate to your dilemma, and my writing’s been at a near standstill for some time. Thank goodness I’m keeping my hand in editing! Hope the class is helpful!

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