Thanksgiving in February

I like February. Where I live, frogs sing the nights, birds push the mornings, and the daffodils dare yellow buds. Two or three dry days in a row seem unlikely, but whenever that happens, I can mow! The outdoors is inviting me, and the weather teasing, and I’m playing hard to get; it’s all very sexy.

Meanwhile, February’s such a nice short even month. Exactly four weeks, twenty-eight days. Sure enough, I checked my calendar, and we’re not leaping, though that can be a thrill when it happens. I never do New Year’s resolutions; January is hard enough to get through without self-torture. But by February, the chatter on setting new goals has run its race and died down, and I am inspired to slip in for a run at a finish line. I can do anything for twenty-eight days, maybe break some bad habit or start some new good one. One month at a time. This year, I’m abstaining from marijuana.* It’s an experiment.

February has two official holidays. I wish President Obama well on his day, but won’t be buying mattresses or otherwise** celebrating. As for the other big holiday, let’s just say I’m no fan. But then, I’m not into any of the official Hallmark dates. I grew up in a family that ignored them all successfully, and continuing that habit is my best-kept “tradition.”   I do always notice Groundhog’s Day, because I’m from Pennsylvania, but that’s a quirk. For the most part, I am exactly like, (okay, so yes, I am in that regard) one of my fictional characters, who rants a bit insanely against “the fucking holidays!”

In my family, we celebrate one another whenever we can get together, and we make plans to get together according to our personal lives, rather than making a fetish of any number on any calendar. We like one another enough to want to be together, so we don’t need the F— Holidays.

I have my own oddball rituals, mentioned in another blog (1/1/15). My worshipful attitude toward Halloween, my Buy Nothing practice, from the end of November until the New Year.   This February, appreciating my family and dear friends (three of whom were born in Februrary), I’m feeling a surge of gratitude, appreciating my blessings . I had to do some health and stress surveys lately, and one question was “Do you have people you can count on for support?” Yes, I say, instantly counting six super-dependable friends, including three dear ones living within a four mile radius, which is close considering our rural life.

So, I say thank you, and you, thank you, thank you! to my family and my friends for being in my life, for being so dependable and interesting and smart and mine. Almost sounds like a Valentine, my precious Thanksgiving in February.

MORE ON FEBRUARY: a blog with footnotes, oh my!

*I have stopped harder habits. Marijuana is very strange right now, because of the new legality. I once quit talking, for a week, whew. I love to experiment with myself as subject. So far, so good, by the way.   Getting a lot done, saving money. Kind of bored.

** ”otherwise celebrating”    thinking of Valentines… Will’s been ghosting me lately, and people who knew him may remember his joke, if someone said they were hot: “Weather-wise or otherwise?” Purely goofy, my man-boy. When his bedtime came, he would say he was “off to the mattress ball.”

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