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WRITING, THE BEGINNING:  When I was about six years old, with no kindergarten in our town, I went to First Grade and learned immediately to write “Sinnemahoning, Pennsylvania.”  With that feat, I was on my way to being a writer.  I soon progressed to composing my own works: “Dear Grandma, I am going upstairs.  Don’t worry.  I will be back soon.”  Upstairs, I got into her rouge and had it impressed upon me that writing has a responsibility to truth, to the extent possible.
In third grade, I wrote a story containing the word “giraffe.”  The teacher’s praise was sweet, since she was high on art and singing, and I did not excel in either of these subjects.  In fact, I was asked to only mouth words when the class sang in public, which is another story.  Since those days, I’ve learned that lots of people had that experience as a child.  Someone should write a novel about that humiliation.  Not me, thanks.
The main thing I remember about the giraffe story is that the teacher fixed the spelling of the word GIRAFF for me.  I love that.
WRITING, THE MIDDLE.  Novel in my twenties, buried.  Novel in my thirties/forties, about a female comedian with 9 sisters.  She does a road trip with an old woman dying of cancer and a bunch of oddball animals.  Unpublished, but I’m open to selling it.  Or perhaps self-publishing.  I am more into writing because I love my characters, than for fame etc.  I’m used to being poor and I would hate being famous.
Newest novel, almost done.  I’m getting faster, slowly.  Love/family story, lost Granny with Alzheimer’s. Next novel, I think I will try one of those 90 day blitz methods.  That should cut the process down to a year or two!
WRITING, NOW.  Beginning blogging.  I started blogging at a few months ago.  I will move some of those stories over here as time goes on, or you can go read them all now.  This is all new and exciting, and a learning curve.
My goal for this blog is putting up at least one piece, 300-500 words weekly, starting today.
On my Circle of Life blogs, I have been writing things of interest about caregiving, but some of my thoughts and stories don’t fit that mold.  Having this blog website to share my private voice feels like a good next step.
So, welcome aboard, thanks for reading.  Don’t worry.  I’ll be back soon.


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  1. Hey Aaaallllliiiiice!
    What’s the name of the Alz. book? Are you going to put excerpts in here? Or did i miss it. Hope you have the fortitude to keep blogging. I only lasted a couple of days and nobody kept being interested.
    Keep working, girl. I like the 90 day blitz thing!

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