Pitches for My Novels

These are the blurbs I would be sending to would-be agents and publishers if I were following that route rather than believing in and publishing my own work.

Blessed by Silliness

Silly, me? Silly me. If I didn’t have a sense of humor, I wouldn’t have any sense at all.   Nessa Allen, Letterman Show, June 5, 1986.

Ladies and gentlemen, here she is, the carrot-top, Lazy Daisy, ooshy-gooshy, can’t win for losing, outraged and outrageous, Nessa Allen!                                                                   The late singer Duke Day on Celebrate!   September 1974

Nessa Allen and Duke Day were TV stars in the Seventy’s.  Think Sonny and Cher, except Duke was a musicians’ musician and Nessa was funnier than Gracie Allen blended with Gilder Radner.  By March 2004, Duke’s long gone. Nessa, on the verge of turning fifty, is the exhausted caregiver of her developmentally disabled sister. Depressed, she leaves home and botches a suicide.  Then, with one foot out of the grave, she meets Sylvia, an elderly eccentric with one toe dipping into eternity.

Nessa becomes Sylvia’s driver on a cross-country road trip during Sylvia’s final days.  This novel contains women’s spirituality rituals, two oddball families, and feminist comedy.  Yes, indeed! Nessa and Sylvia dare to embody that nightmare of mainsteam males, laughing women!  And don’t forget Orph, the man-hating mongrel, Sylvia’s best friend. Her family, really, that dog.

Rain Shine Secrets is set in 2009.  In this novel, Ann Harper, ninety years old with Alzheimer’s disease, is lost in Seattle over an October weekend.  Befriended by a homeless woman, she travels to every corner of the “Emerald City.”  Her grandson Jack and his wife Libby live with “Granny Annie.”  Their love story comprises half of this novel, as they spend their fifth wedding anniversary searching for Annie. The weekend splits open to reveal the complexity of their relationship.  Jack, a Vietnam war vet, is a pharmacist and Annie’s primary caregiver.  Libby, a sexual abuse survivor, is a successful radio talk shrink with difficult career decisions adding to the stress of Ann being missing.

The challenges of the four main characters blend into a theme of survival and strength. The story of Ann and her new friend is straight-forward and lively, often presented from the point of view of the Alzheimer’s afflicted mind. The marriage story twines through lust, rejection, betrayal, childhood abuse and adult sexual obsessions.The city of Seattle and the Harper family home, along with Washington’s drenching weather, serve as extra characters in this weekend snapshot of this family’s life.

THE NITTY-GRITTY:  Currently my head is full of re-writing Nessa and Sylvia, four days into their ten day odyssey.  I have a wall full of notes to match the inside of my head.  Thanks to all who endure me bumbling along through what passes for real life.  After a couple more edits, I hope to have advance reader copies ready in August.

Blessed - Wall notes

Blessed – Wall notes

The Rain Shine family sleeps. Bless them, until I re-connect with them for more editing and re-writing, come October.



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