On Solid Ground, Scrivening

Writing that is disconnected from a delivery system (the internet, readers, publication) feels more like personal writing, more private. But, for me, my blog is some of the most personal writing I do and it is obviously on-line. When I put it there, but not when I am writing it. There’s a filtering process here… the blogs often rewrite themselves to and from other places… letters, fictions, conversations I have, people I see. Blogs, in the active sense, connect LINK to other stuff. That’s irrelevant here at the word piling station.

What is great for my writing is the time, energy reclaimed from all the email checking. For the most part, I’m not distracted by commercial stuff or too tempted by educational stuff, and am for now off the hook of any of the too easy web-addictions (Sudoku, other games, bad email or chat threads, porn). I would expect then, to not miss the internet connection in the distracting way that I do. I mean, it’s pathetic, that I miss checking the bank account or the work schedule or newsletters. The Facebook. A life that dull should be left to rest more often.

However, there are the sweet slow down benefits. I am able to spend a lot more energy on the rest of my writer work. SCRIVENER! This is shouted! because I am so thrilled to finally have gotten the wheels turning on this writing machine and it is fast and huge. No new typewriter, this. It organizes. I am in a whirl of scrivening things, pinning down scenes for the rest of the comedian book, and have moved all of the Rain Shine novel over there, with the chapters split and tagged, divisible! Already I want to re-arrange scenes. And then, I got caught up yesterday, reading the whole novel, oh my dears… I had almost forgotten these characters, spawned of my own brain, and there they were, quite solid, maybe too solid here and there, these imaginary friends of mine… my little brain family… this is the kind of thing I have time for once I stopping obsessively checking blog stats and emails … between editing and writer meetings… what a great life!

Scrivener breaks writing down into small pieces, maybe a few paragraphs or at the most a page or two… well I choose the size, so that’s an enjoyable inconsistency, but then I can tag and label these pieces, so I can easily, for example, find all the Viv/Chas bits, especially where they are cross-indexed with some other tag (sexy scene) and oo la la, there’s a lot of fun work to do there, so that writing keeps me happy.

Ever since I finished the galley copy draft of my Rain Shine novel, I have wanted to sort and analyze that document. I wanted to know how often certain words were used. I did searches, charting. Stats. I’m amused to find, in both of my novels, “dog” is one of the more frequently used words.

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