Oh honeys, you would not believe

ATR & Chet

You would not believe this if you knew her two years ago. She has two pair of functioning glasses and keeps them found, and uses them. Very cute. She hauls her own junk around, jumps in and out of the car, shuts her own door. Still hates the seat belt; let’s not talk about that. The important thing to see here is that she scuttles about, and you’re not afraid she’s going to totter over or pass out or trip. She isn’t fragile. So, holding hands is just for fun.

So wonderful to have the day with her. We visited the COL office and Binyon Optical, and she went to yoga with me! This was after the waterfall and a long walk in the park. Such a joy to see her tromping along those trails. Earlier she was running in a crosswalk, in her tiny bouncing little Jewish lady way. Sorry to interrupt the flow of the park scenery, but, BEHOLD!: the amazing miracle of her strength and sturdiness! The kidney was a miracle, but her ability to heal continues to seem superhuman to me.

Where were we, oh yeah, stopping to commune with trees. Whatcom Falls Park. Being of the forest. A beautifully distilled afternoon, all of our favorite things. At the hotel, I read to her, yesterdays’ blog, and all day, she dipped into Emily.

So amazing and a bit disorienting to be with her as a physical equal rather than protecting her. I always believed that if she had strength that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with her because of her naturally high energy levels. After recovering from the shock of seeing her so spry, I was happy to discover I had no trouble keeping up. Another sweet surprise– she was more relaxed than I’ve ever seen her. More organized, with her beautiful brilliant mind. Another pleasant treat; she wasn’t caught up in her usual compulsive generosity. (Though we did deliver tasty cookies to COL office, I must say!)

All amazing, as she always is. But here’s the BIG Shock. Sit down to read this. She was on time for everything. Not that we had a tough agenda, but we got a lot done! There was some new consciousness, like she’d learned to tell time or something… I was in a day-off clockless zone, personally. Missing yoga to hang out longer with Chet? No problem. We could have kept chattering. She’s such a great listener. I had many stories for her; we share stories like air. But she kept checking the time, keeping us on course like some kind of librarian sister, lest I miss my yoga class. Full of sensible estimates about how long things would take, travel time, time of day. She also suddenly seemed to have a calculating sense of our crooked town’s jiggly geography, how to arrange our activities efficiently. Spooky. Who is this woman and what has she done with our Chetana?

So so happy that we all have her!!


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  1. WHAT! She was on time? haha! It was so good to see her yesterday, looking healthy and happy. What a journey it has been. And, yes, her beautiful, brilliant mind. I could listen to her for hours!

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