Mothering the Movement, The Story of the San Francisco Women’s Building, by Sushawn Robb.

DSCN0508A Sister Story, and a book review
Before I say more about this book, I must share this photo of the top shelf of the bookcase near the chair where I write.  These twenty books were all written by someone I know personally.  In the few least familiar cases, the authors might not remember me, despite having spent a good part of a day hanging out with me at some event (perhaps over twenty years ago.)  Most are dear friends.  Sushawn Robb is my sister.
The Women’s Building, four stories high, in the Mission District, is covered with the Maestrapeace mural, also four stories high. The largest mural in a city full of them.  As a visitor to my sister’s city, the enormous art has always impressed me; I thought it was the most interesting thing about the Women’s Building.  Not so.