Life is a Classroom

Last Saturday, I took a class on blogging at Whatcom Community College, and got hooked up on this site.  The instructor, Dawn Groves, was fun, informative and helpful.  She has a blog/website, of course.
Interesting stuff on brains, neuro-psychology, a favorite topic with me (and my fictional Libby who discusses everything on her mind and about her brain on her radio program.)
One thing Dawn said:  People like photos.  Myself on a good day.
That was today, and here’s the proof.
Alice on Ground Hog’s Day 2012
The thing Dawn said that I liked most was that while we may all plug into websites and read things on our computers, notepads, and phones, people will still buy books.  We want books.  And there was something scientific in there about the way light bounces off paper to reach our eyes when we read books, and that this is different (implied BETTER) than the way light comes straight at us from computer screens.
So, when my manuscripts are finished, I will get them made into books.  Maybe by publishers, but I am jazzed about the “espresso” printing machine at Village Books here in Bellingham.  You mean I can print books for people I like and not bother with the whole best-seller book tour nightmare?!  Whoo-wee!!
Check it out:
This coming Saturday, I’m going to a day long class on memoir writing.  I’ve begun writing a memoir based a spiritual experience.  The overlap of grief and dementia.  Enough said about that for now.  What fascinates me about the upcoming writing class is the instructor.  I’ve gone to classes of hers, every few years, going back thirteen years.  Sometimes it takes the mirror of another person to realize what my own learning, my own changes, have been over a period of time.  I’m looking forward to finding out what life has taught each of us over the last few years.

Saturday evening, after the writing class, I get to spend a rare evening with one of my favorite clients, an elder writer.  There’s a real heart-mind link being with her. So many of my clients are natural story-tellers, and have grand and quirky voices.  Today, I watched horse racing with one of them.  Where else would I ever have learned about the fun of race horse names?  HomeGrown.  Life is a classroom.

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