February: Freedom Month

liveBig changes in my life, including slowly starting this blog again. I’m going to write shorter blog pieces. It’s a writing exercise, which I love. Plus, the latest common wisdom is that people, the “public”, whoever that is, won’t read long stuff. That bodes not well for my novels in progress, so I’d rather not believe that quite yet.  Pictures though?  People like pictures.  That’s not enough to change me from writer to photographer.  But other big changes are in the works.

My mother is moving to an assisted living place in February. That’s four days, five nights, left for her in this “assisted living” we call “our house.” My cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry and errand chores will be taken over by the crew at the new “Place.”  We’ve already found fun old friends there, including the cook! Ma’s safety will no longer be the hinge-pin of my schedules/plans. I can travel or hermit, as I please. The Ma is happy; she expects to enjoy the companionship of her peers. She’ll have people to play bridge with. I will be free.

So, congratulations to us, the Ma and me, on making this big peaceful shift. The timing is perfect, and the details are going quite smoothly, $$ gambles aside. Thanks to everyone who has been cheering us on, holding doors open, and propping me up here and there.   Stay tuned; anything is possible from here. I am breathing new air.


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