Blogging Out

Blogging out.  Logging out.  This on-line writing practice seems, for now, not to be for me.  Deep into novel revisions and my home life.  Lots of interesting stuff happening but it’s all personal or confidential.  The blogging class advice was to establish myself as an authority on something, but mostly I am only an authority, and only want to be an authority, on myself…  part of which is figuring out that this is not for me.   To be seen as an “authority” on anything is a role I’m not cut out for, not interested in.

Another piece of advice: post photos and links.  People on-line don’t want to read.  They want to do stuff, to click links and look at pictures.  Well, then, what the heck am I doing here?  I write.  I don’t do photos and can’t figure out the linking thing (or apps or various other new technologies.  This learning curve is a major time suck lately… even good old yahoo mail has turned upon me with apps and ads and unsolicited junk everywhere, and my little file pile there vanished…  I need to reboot and sync up my whole internet brain.)

Another interesting idea:  Link to other blogs I like.  Flash!! I don’t read any other blogs.  I will have the same problem with book-selling when the time comes, being a library reader who doesn’t usually buy books or understand book buying as a lifestyle… I was shocked at a writing meeting recently when someone told me she has actually bought books only because she liked the covers.  Book covers matter to book buyers.  I don’t think I want people to buy my book because they like the cover.  In fact, as an authority on my own quirky self, I’m sure I would be insulted by that.  At the library, I read the title on the spine, open it up, read some more words.  No pictures in the novels I like to read.  It’s a different world.

So I am going to keep this website and study up on the new technology, read blogs by authorities I am interested in, if I can find some, and find the time.  Keep on re-writing the novels.  There will be breakthroughs, eventually, or irregular story-telling when the mood strikes, but meanwhile I’m relieved to lay down my Weekly Blogger hat.  Well, I’ll put it carefully up on a shelf, for the future, in case I need to dust it off and put it back on.  I suspect by the time I need it again, I’ll have found a new one that actually fits me.  The chauffeur cap might work.  Or something with a big brim and a tall point.  I’ll know it when I find it.


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  1. OK, Alice. Glad you were able to prioritize and put more emphasis where you want to. We should be able to do that by this time in our life. See you soon!

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