Blog Gliding Toward a Rest

Soon, this set of blogs will hit #100, = 50,000 words and after that I think I will take some time off from blogging to get the rest of my life, writing and otherwise in order. Over two years ago, I took up this blogging thing, with some breaks and site changes. I still think this website will help me sell novels when they are ready. Soon, soon. So much other writing piled on my desk, and this blog has developed a few silly loose ends. Nothing like LOST (on TV), but a confused exploration, going down some goony sideroads.

A lot has happened over the past two years. Most significant to this post is that this “letter home” thinking has become a habit for me, and I will be back – Hozier, still amusing me, although he and Ms Nin seem to interest no one else – no comments or “likes” on the Facebook. The internet is so fickle. The website stats tell me there are readers. 113 one week; I was thrilled! So far all friendly, much less scary than I thought “social media” would be. I suspect this is because I’m still sitting on the beach and the party’s in the water, tweeting, following, hash-tagging. I’m not ready to jump into that pool with my whole body yet. I prefer real water. (Coolish water, natural, dark, me naked, to be heavenly, but then, that whole road is one of my loose ends – decorum. So not my style, but a public writing challenge to be puzzled out.)

A lot happening in my life. Increasing work with Circle of Life, now Board Chair again. Still have a caregiving load. Regular clients, Fri-Wed, about fifteen hours a week, plus about two hours a day with my housemate mother. Meetings with other writers almost weekly, sharing work in progress. My Quaker writing committee is in crucial stage, so we’ll meet a lot over the next six months, which means some nice travels and a lot more writing. And, yes, I’m still writing novels and reading old journals. My Alzheimer’s work memoir joggles in my mind, all along, all along, there’s poetry there. Oh, and summer’s coming, gardens, mowing, swimming! It’s a good life.

This is only a warning… tapping the brakes, slowing down. I’ll probably stop posting sometime this summer. I’ll be re-assessing the purpose and methods for this whole blogging project. Maybe give up my 500 word game. But I like it. Meanwhile, I don’t think I’ll quit writing these pieces so much as take some time, organize my weird knapsack of topics, prepare a backlog for when I start up again. When I travel, writing home (or to some future me) has always been a major part of the journey. I’m more at home than I’ve ever been in this life; blogging has replaced that writing home pleasure/tool and I’m sending my home thoughts/adventures out, traveling to you, whoever, wherever, whenever. I’m hooked; I’ll never want to give this up completely!


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  1. Thanks for your faithful blogging, I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy it whenever you feel inspired. Personally, I remain daunted by The Book (mine), and unwilling to spend time and energy developing a blog without The Book largely completed. (You’re way ahead of me there!) But your example inspires me, and I do have a “backlog” of partly written (half-baked?) blog ideas, so maybe one day I’ll join you in the “pool.” 🙂

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