A New Life

Living (WRITING!) in my liviing room!Singing loud, and dancing in my house! Pounding my Goddess drum, opening all the windows. Eating, sleeping, and bathing on my own schedule. Took mother to her new home on Monday. Came home and moved furniture for four hours. At eight pm Tues, I spontaneously called to the spirits, hollering the names of all my dead beloveds, yelling hard enough to sink my voice into the walls. A profound moment last night, looking at my new bedroom, the bed made with Will’s brown blanket, and his two favorite little old tables flanking it, his ghost whispering in my ear.   “We’re home now.”


A New Life — 4 Comments

  1. A great description of your happiness and relief. So glad Will continues to be close at hand. No doubt your mom is getting what she needs too.

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