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Bottom 5 shelves, about half of my journals and book drafts

Bottom 5 shelves, about half of my journals and book drafts

Riverchild Books is a small business operated by Alice Turtle Robb for sharing her writing.  Alice has two not quite finished novels and is working on a memoir about her work as a caregiver for persons with Alzheimer’s disease.  She has also begun experimenting with “long stories” (more than short stories but 1/3 size of a “novella.”) Her novels are about comedy, families, feminism, road trips, and caregiving.

Blessed With Silliness, a novel, now in middle of a third revision, was written over the course of many years. It’s about a woman comedian, Nessa Allen, who rose to fame in the ’70s, and in 2004 is stuck in a grief/depression cycle.  She goes on a self-discovery road trip with an old woman she meets quite by accident.

Rain Shine Secrets, a novel, won a Chanticleer Review award for best manuscript, women’s fiction category, in 2013.  This book should be ready for publication within the next year or two.  It is about an old woman with Alzheimer’s who gets lost in Seattle for several days.  She is befriended by a homeless woman.  Meanwhile her grandson and his wife, who live with her, are caught up in their search for her, while also coping with their own complex relationship.

Alice is exploring the world of self publishing and plans to print the novels on demand through Village Books in Bellingham, WA, to start with, someday, within the century.  No hurry, unless readers begin clamoring too loudly!

Meanwhile, her blogs on this website tell very short (500 word) stories about her life as a writer, caregiver, and oddball human.

First Person Statement:  Sept 30 2014

My blogs have between fifteen and fifty precious readers every week.  (Well, a few are less than precious, people trying to figure out how to sell me things or how to boost their own SEO scores -search engine optimization- by posting totally ambivalent meaningless smoke-blowing comments… I “trash” -don’t approve – those comments on wordpress, so don’t bother, please!)  But still, there are real readers! Anyone aiming for a best-seller readership would surely scoff, or consider me “cute” (at best) to be so happy about this “negligible” count.  I don’t think that way. I’m not playing that game.  How I think is: WOW!  this is more regular readers than I’ve ever had in my long life of writing and I am thrilled!

(March 15 2015, this week 113 people visited this website!)

My readership has built up over the past few years, and I am immensely grateful to those readers.  A few people comment regularly; I appreciate having them, YOU!, in my life in this regular way.  It inspires me as an artist to feel like I am not alone in the world.  As a novelist, my writing is a solitary activity, which will someday be ready to share.  Can’t be rushed.  Also in my solitary writing bubble, I have ambivalence, fear, and excitement about the idea of “publishing,” which means sending my work out into the big world.  Blogging seems to be good practice, dipping a toe into that water.  Plus, the blogs are fun to write, and get feedback.  Some are better than others, but I keep at it.  One way I stay interested in blogging is a little game I’ve invented for myself of writing exactly 500 words in each blog post.  I don’t blog on a set schedule, and only write when interesting thoughts surface.  I try to post once or twice a week, and sometimes get a pile of little writings just waiting for their turn…

Well, I got an email (a sales promotion actually) today that wanted to help me (for a fee) to increase my SEO standings, all that boring jazz, and it said that homepages of less than 500 words get less traffic, for some nerdy computer reason…  Now, it’s not that I’m unhappy with my lovely fifteen readers a week, but getting this page up to 500 words was a challenge I couldn’t pass up.  So here I am, off the cuff, doing it, 700 words on this page already!  So, this is my voice, which some people like, and if you do, look at the blogs!  aka “Little Stories” above.